Shafa Medical Clinic Midtown Internal Medicine
Shafa Medical Clinic                                                                                                       Midtown Internal Medicine

Here you will find outstanding professionalism of all medical and administrative staff, as well as, care and compassion to your unique medical concern. We know you are busy, and that is why we are dedicated to providing you with fast, reliable, and personalized treatment with every visit. We seek to continually grow as a company and welcome referrals and suggestions from our patients.


Our office provides many different opportunities and services for our patients to ensure they are getting the best care available. We offer blood draw services and diagnostic imaging tests in office so patients don't have to be sent out to another facility.


Primary care services

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Screening services


Preventive services


Diagnostic services


Additional services


Wellness services


Aesthetic services



Nourish your skin with quality products. 



Renew your skin with cosmetic botox and juvederm fillers.




Rejuvenate and refresh your skin with a gentle chemical peel.


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