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Frequently Asked Questions 


I'm a new patient, can I have a physical or papsmear done on my first visit? 


Shafa Medical Clinic's office policy is that the first visit with all patients is considered a "new patient" appointment, where their entire history is taken to identify if certain exams and procedures need to be done. Patients are welcome to schedule a preventative visit after this appointment has been completed. Please note that we do not allow new patient appointments and preventative appointments to be on the same day. 


I have multiple medical issues that I need addressed, why do I need to make more than one appointment? 


It is easier to make sure each problem is address appropriately and in depth one by one. If a patient comes in with multiple medical complaints, each problem is not going to be addressed to the degree it needs to be in the time frame of your appointment. We ask patients to make problem specific appointments to ensure they get the best care possible by Dr. Modesta-Keyhani. How often have you heard of a patient coming in and stating the doctor seemed rushed or didn't address everything? We want our patients to have the best care, and addressing problems as they come up and on a schedule if chronic allows a productive appointment with the doctor. 


I need to see a specialist and they are wanting a referral from your office. What do I do? 


Our office policy is to have patients who's insurance requires a referral authorization come into our office to discuss and go over their referrals with the referral coordinator before we send over the referral authorizations. This ensures that your primary care provider has on file which specialists you are seeing, able to help monitor your health by making sure you are seeing the specialists you need and help you find all of the specialists you need to see, and to make sure your specialist office visits will be authorized - so you don't risk an out of pocket cost with the specialist. 

Some specialists may see you before you have seen our referral coordinator and an authorization has been completed. We still require patients to come into the office to see the referral coordinator before we can submit the authorization. 


Can I get same day appointments? 


Depending on the type of appointment, absolutely. We offer same day appointments for urgent matters, such as an injury or feeling ill. For routine services, like physicals and well exams we can often accommodate within the same week. 


I do not have insurance, no longer have insurance, or are under-insured, can I be seen? 


Yes! We do offer a substantial cash-discount to patients for office visits and medical exams. We also  work with different laboratories to get you cash discounts on your lab testing. Call or stop in for specific pricing. 


What should I bring with me to my appointment? 


New patients should be prepared with an ID card, insurance card(s), a list of medications and pharmacy, medical records if you have them or/and a list of physicians you see so we may request them. 

Current patients should bring any updated insurance information if applicable. Be familiar with any symptoms, how long you have had those symptoms, and at what intensity. If there are any medication changes, please alert us during the visit as well. 


What insurance plans do you accept? 


Please call our office or check with your insurance provider to see if we are in network for the most current information. We are contracted with most AHCCCS plans ( Phoenix Health, Mercy Care, etc), Medicare, United Health Care, AzPCP, Aetna, Humana, Golden Rule, Tricare, Lifeprint, SCAN, Zenith Administrators, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Workmen's Comp, and more. 

**Please note we do not currently accept HealthChoice (AHCCCS). 


Can you call in antibiotics or controlled substances like narcotics? 


It is our policy that these will not be called in without an appointment. It is for the safety of you and to comply with government regulations. 


I need a refill, how do I get one? 


You should call your pharmacy about one week before you need to get a refill to get it approved or if you need to be seen to make an appointment. It is important to keep track of your medications. Dr. Modesta-Keyhani also requests medication checks to evaluate doses and diseases/symptoms before  refills to ensure proper dosage and keeping in guideline with state and medical board regulations. 

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